Europack Group has own industrial base allowing completely to provide the clients with modern packing materials.  All industrial equipment is located in the territory of Russia as company’s strategy assumes to be as possible close to the consumer.  Our motto «To be in harmony with the consumer» reflects our aspiration to correspond to requirements and wishes of our clients. This is possible only in condition of such final product creation, which quality would bring 100%.  At present moment the output is carried out at three industrial platforms in Russia and company plans to start four more manufactures in 2013–2014.
All Europack products completely correspond to all requirements of European REACH regulations is certificated meeting Russian and European quality standards and has the sanitary–and–epidemiologic conclusions.
The company has own warehouse and transport that allows to carry out delivery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
It guarantees consumers’ provision with necessary quantity of production without increasing their warehouse areas and formation of warehouse stocks that consequently raises final production efficiency and decrease in costs.

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