Technology of storage tube organization

The system is designed for multilevel stacking of pipes from 380 to 1590 mm in diameter and with weight of 100 tons and meets all safety regulations in the workplace. Temperature range: from +40 °C to –60 °C, the temperature of pipes up to +65 °C.

PipeStop system is universal for any pipe diameter, does not require special preparation of the site for installation (the surface for installation shall be flat), allows to store pipes with diameter up to 670 mm in 20 layers and pipes up to 1590 mm in 15 layers.

Since the system consists of 5 components, installation, assembly and operation require no special skills; specialists of Europack conduct training directly during its installation.

If it is necessary to replace the system, then all operations can be carried out by Europack representatives or by plant’s personnel.

System’s lifetime is not less then 10 years under condition of appropriate maintenance. The system itself and its application are certified in accordance with European standards and confirmed by experts from companies TUV and Bureau Veritas.


  • Installation, assembly and operation require no special skills;
  • System meets all requirements of safety;
  • Lifetime is at least 10 years;
  • System is universal and suitable for pipes of any diameter.