Anti–corrosive crepe paper EuroBUM VCI

The influence of temperature vibrations and moisture exposure — one of the factors that significantly affect the safety of the metal. Corrosion is the biggest danger to the metal products.

Anticorrosive paper EuroBUM VCI made for the protection of various types of products of ferrous and non–ferrous metals: cold–rolled steel, polymer–coated, galvanized steel, electrical steel, rolled non–ferrous metals, pipe industry, as well as parts and components for mechanical engineering.

Recommended density of anticorrosive paper in case of significant drops of temperatures, for sea transport and in case of long–term transportation and storage of steel — 160 g/m3.

Anticorrosive paper EuroBUM VCI consists of crepe base and special PE film and is made using HOT MELT technology, which allows the finished product to achieve maximum impact in metal protection from corrosion.


  • Corrosion protection for a longer period;
  • Standard sizes from 1250 mm to 2600 mm;
  • Paper width — at the request of customers;
  • Roll weight — at the request of customers.


  • Protects metal from corrosion;
  • Eliminates ingress of moisture inside the packed metal;
  • Eliminate the cause of the greenhouse effect;
  • Ensures increased absorption of moisture;
  • Passes through water vapours, not storing them in the package.