Flexible storage of coils

KLP® Roll block System — is a secure and flexible storage system for coils. Blocks for coils are used with standard UNP–channels. The blocks have no fixed location, they can be moved depending on the diameter of the coil — this is an ideal solution if you are working with a wide variety of coils of all sizes.

KLP® blocks for coils allow stacking of coils with diameter from 500 to 2500 mm — one system for all your coils! Due to the pitch of 28° blocks provide maximum stability and allow stacking the coils in two or three layers.

KLP® blocks are made of special plastic: they practically wear–free and have a unique impact resistance.

When subject to loading, the system flexes slightly (dampens) and returns in an initial state as soon as coils are removed. This allows to avoid damage of coils.

Anglo–American equivalent of European size UNP–180 of U–sections for blocks KLP® — is ANSI С7х12,25 (178x76 mm).


  • Improved safety for personnel;
  • Stacking in three layers;
  • No mechanical damage;
  • Resistance to cracking;
  • The ability to withstand high loads (up to 80 tons for 4 blocks);
  • Mobility and efficiency of application;
  • No oil–absorption.

KLP® Roll block system

Product type Length, (mm) Width, (mm) UNP–channel Roll diameter, (mm) Маx. load, (t)
RB 55/16–2 (standart) 550 160 180 875–2500 100
RB 55/16 550 160 180 875–2500 100
RB 55/12 М2 518 120 140 500–2500 30
RB 55/16–2 (without nose) 403 160 180 500–2500 60
RB 61/16 610 160 180 500–2500 100