System for safe storage of coils

RollStop system for coil storage consists of rails made of reinforced plastic. Rails and blocks are very elastic therefore indestructible. The given system is flexible, can be used for coils of any diameter, does not damage coils and does not absorb any liquid.

Plastic blocks can be placed at different distance from each other, depending on the diameter of coils. When subject to loading, the system flexes slightly (dampens) and returns in an initial state as soon as coils are removed. This allows to avoid damage of coils.

RollStop system is suitable for large coils with diameter from 680 to 2500 mm. Blocks have no fixed position, they can be placed at different distance from each other, depending on diameter of coils in your stock.

RollStop system has a loadbearing capacity of 100 tons on 4 blocks and is suitable for coils with a temperature up to 60 °C. As well there is an option for coils with temperature up to
110 °C.


  • System is delivered "on a turn–key basis";
  • No steel profiles are needed;
  • No special installation equipment is needed;
  • Fast installation;
  • Improved safety for personnel;
  • Availability of three–level coils stacking;
  • Splinter proof;
  • Long service life (up to 20 years);
  • High load–carrying capacity (up to 100 tons);
  • Flexibility and efficiency of use (no fastening to the floor is required);
  • No oil–absorption.