The basis of any metal rolling — is a bobbin

Cardboard–winding bobbins are used for rolling of metal production, in order to protect internal coils from damage during transportation.

If it is not possible to roll the metal on bobbins directly on winding machine then bobbins can be inserted immediately after the rolls are taken off from the winding machine. It is very important in order to protect internal coils with polymeric coating from damage. Bobbins are used also for spooling wires and special cables.

Cardboard–winding bobbins are produced by continuous spiral winding on unique equipment.

Europack Group produces cardboard–winding bobbins to order with client’s logo. As the inner layer foil, film, special paper, or any other material can be used.

Important variables in production of cardboard–winding bobbins:

  • Control of the size of outer diameter;
  • Quality of the cardboard;
  • Thickness of the wall;
  • Accuracy of the internal diameter;
  • Resistance to expansion of a drum;
  • Control of the length;
  • Elasticity in compression;
  • Strength of the surface layers;
  • Water–resistance.


  • Diameter: from 76 mm to 1200 mm;
  • Thickness: from З mm to 22 mm;
  • Length: to 6000 mm;
  • Radial load: tо 300 kg;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • 100% utilization.