Will help to save your products without damaging the corners and ends during transport

Non–perforated edge protectors (type A) are used when packing long products (packs, pallets). When packing coils and any other round products, than perforated edge protectors are used (type B). Frame angles are used for packing small packs and pallets and L–shaped — for packing larger sizes (type C). There are all necessary elements on such corners for the rapid assembly and frame fixing. Sizes according to customer requirements.

Usage of edge protectors in the vertical plane (transport on pallets) retains the shape of the package, at the same time protecting the corners. Cardboard edge protectors are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Protection against mechanical damage is provided in different ways: thickness of edge protectors, wideness of wings, and the ratio of wing wideness of different wing edge protectors. The use of special glue, technology of continuous pressing and forming makes edge protectors resistant to impact and compression. The edge protectors are made of high tensile cardboard and using special technology of gluing that allows achieving the maximum economic benefit from the use of edge protectors of 2–2,5 mm thick.

Available in three versions:

  • Protective cardboard (single version);
  • Waterproof (laminated or waxed);
  • Anticorrosive (it is possible to produce waterproof and anticorrosive edge protectors).