Safe storage of coils

Lankhorst Mouldings has over 20 years of experience in the field of development and manufacturing of storage systems for steel coils.

Trays for storing coils were designed to make storing of large coils and slit coils even more simple and safe.

We offer storage trays of various sizes. Standard size of 100x80x7 has the slope angle of 7°, also offered trays for storing coils of up to 40 tonnes with the slope angle — 14° (comparable with our blocks for rolls and supports for coils and strips). Trays are the optimal fastening method even for narrow coils and strips, using a durable steel frame stops to prevent the falling of coils while storing them horizontally.


  • Improved safety for personnel;
  • No mechanical damage;
  • Resistance to cracking;
  • Long service life (20 years);
  • Withstand high loads (up to 80 tons for 2 blocks);
  • Mobile application, utilization of warehouse space;
  • No oil–absorption.


  • Long service life;
  • Very high load capacity;
  • Flexibility and efficiency of use;
  • No oil–absorption.