Making production right

DMPM marking method is executed by single nozzle or multi nozzle heads that control the exact amount of supplied paint that makes paint consumption as effective as possible.

All models allow you to apply the same symbols on hot, cold, rough, and oily surfaces. High–temperature paints can withstand the temperature up to 1200 °C, meant for annealing and hot forming processes.

DMSM marking method is also executed by single or multi pin heads via the electric solenoid, which transmits oscillations to the inner axis through the controller. Symbol fonts can vary within limits of the matrix diameter of 5x5, 5x7 (and up to 7x9, depending on the head type).

One of the latest innovations is marking using RFID tags and EMI tracking system. Europack Group offers "turnkey" solutions, including readers, antennas and RFID tags of the ultra high frequencies, developed for use in the steelmaking conditions and for mounting on metal surfaces.

Europack Group offers the best solutions for any necessary industrial marking and products identification.

New possibilities in the use of advanced marking materials

  • Possibility to use the barcode for further identification of the products;
  • Automated identification and accounting of the products, both within the facility and during transportation of metals to the end consumer of the products;
  • Elimination of errors during metal products shipment;
  • Interaction with automated systems of the databases;
  • Simplicity and automation of inventory management;
  • Effective management of the supply chain;
  • Elimination of false marking and information reading;
  • Productivity improvement;
  • Economic efficiency from the replacing of metal materials with the polymer materials;
  • Metal temperature is in the range of 200–250 °C,
  • Retention of information during acids etching, and water and infrared radiation exposure;
  • Reliable marking without detachment during transportation;
  • Reinforced heavy–duty adhesive layer for reliable fastening to dirty surfaces;
  • Strong adhesion to wet, oily and uneven surfaces.

Marking methods:

  • Dot Matrix Paint Marking (DMPM);
  • Dot Matrix Stamp/Engraving Marking (DMSM);
  • Dot Matrix Laser Marking (DMLM);
  • Segment Metal Spray Marking (SMSM);
  • Direct Parts and Components Marking (DPM);
  • Daisy Wheel Stamping (DWS);
  • Tags & Labels Marking (TLM);
  • Electronic Marking & Identification (EMI).

Selection criteria:

  • Practical and Ergonomic Design;
  • High Performance;
  • High Reliability;
  • Flexibility and Ease of Use.